We have selected The Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center as the recipient of donations from this campaign

How your gift helps advance research, education, and care for people with arthritis

The Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center is dedicated to helping patients live successful and fulfilling lives despite the struggles of living with arthritis.  The Center is engaged in groundbreaking research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of various forms of arthritis.  The Center is committed to the education, support, and care of those who suffer from these diseases.  We know firsthand the incredibly talented people working within the Center dedicated to making these clinical, research, and educational advances possible.  The researchers in the Center are conducting important clinical and laboratory research, and the doctors, nurses, and staff provide comprehensive, compassionate care.

Gifts to the Arthritis Center allow researchers to do novel research related to arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.  These gifts, large and small, can act as the “sparkplug” to ignite new and novel discoveries and also help the Center provide education for people living with arthritis and their families.

We hope you will join us as partners in discovering the cure and improving the lives of people living with these conditions through better education.

How can your financial gift make a difference?

Your financial contribution:

  • helps Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center scientists and doctors move closer to discovering better treatments, prolonging life, and finding a cure
  • supports new research projects
  • helps the Center acquire essential equipment and supplies for laboratory and clinical research
  • supports fellowships to train the next generation of arthritis specialists and researchers
  • supports efforts to improve the quality of life for patients through education

How can you make a financial gift?

Tax-deductible donations supporting the work of the Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center can be sent to the following address:

Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center – Burnout Arthritis
c/o Development Office
5200 Eastern Ave
Mason F. Lord Bldg,
Center Tower, Suite 4100
Baltimore, MD  21224

Support Burnout Arthritis with Your Donation

All gifts, large and small, are greatly appreciated. Checks should be made payable to Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center.

We sincerely thank you for your support, let’s ignite the Spark and Burn Out Arthritis!